Rocking the Youth Vote! 2019

Dickerson Center has launched its latest service learning program – Youth Voter Registration.

Currently, we are working with area high schools in Dallas County on the importance of voting, the process of becoming registered, and facilitating voter registration both within their school and within the community at large.

As of mid-September, we now have over 500 students committed to participate in the voter registration process!

Did you know?:
14 million youth will turn 18 by November 2020. In 2016, 29% who didn’t register to vote said they missed the registration deadlines or that they didn’t know where or how to register. 38% indicated they were not interested in the election or not involved in politics. Let’s change that and start working to make sure 100% of new voters are registered and are asked to be involved in the election and to vote.
~Youth Service America

Rocking the Youth Vote! will train student voting advocates, train students to be civically engaged, distribute educational materials about registration and voting, create outreach teams that will create their own campaign strategies and conduct outreach in their communities, and finally, bring in a Deputy Voter Registrar to collect new voter registration applications and file them with the county.

Rocking the Youth Vote! is a year-long project that will continue up to the October 2020 deadline for the November national election.

Our goal is to register 5000 youth voters.

To help make this happen, you can become involved also! You can visit our SUPPORT page and learn more.

November Update:

Working collaboratively with Dallas County Elections and March to the Polls, a local nonprofit organization, we have now registered over 1,000 new eligible youth voters in area high schools over the last month.

And the most exciting news is that, as of December 2019, we have now been invited to launch our Project Vote service learning program in Cedar Hill High School!

We will conduct voter registration of those students in February 2020. This will enable the class to use service learning critical components: preparation, action, reflection and celebration.

Once fully planned, implemented and documented, the senior class will pass on this program to next year’s incoming senior class.