Education is a valuable asset.  A good education is the foundation for a child’s success in work and in life, and high school graduation is a major milestone on a youth’s path to adulthood.

There is a clear role that out-of-school-time programs can play in helping children develop the skills they need to succeed in schools.  By  aligning service learning programs with schools and creating more opportunities for literacy education, we can help close the achievement gap of students in our community.  We make a difference in identifying root causes of poor education.

DCCR delivers programs critical to helping young people learn and succeed and to build citizens for societal change. Diverse young people ages 5-16 is the target group across the Dallas metroplex.

Our focus is Education

  • College Prep Experience: alignment between post-secondary education and the workforce, with a focus on “soft skills”
  • Math & Science: student achievement in Math and Science
  • Improve high school graduation rates: test prep
  • Summer and after school enrichment activities: museums, field trips, movies
  • Service learning: meeting actual community needs through service projects foster a sense of civic responsibility
  • Leadership programs: citizenship training to fill the leadership gap
  • Encouragement Scholarship Program: financial scholarships for academics and service to community
  • Reducing Obesity: focus on health as a factor in learning
  • Financial Literacy: financial workshops to help families learn effective strategies to plan for their student’s education
  • Annual Parent’s Conference: parents Taking Charge of Their Child’s Academic Future

Together we can unlock the potential of our children and our community.  Join us today and help uphold our promise to students of our community.

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