Emerging Leaders

Dickerson Center for Civic Responsibility (DCCR) is a non-profit organization that perpetuates the legacy of the Reverend and Mrs. H. L. Dickerson and promotes the values they embodied as committed community servant leaders.  For 13 years, DCCR has provided service learning coupled with mentoring and hands on engagement opportunities for students in K-12 and college.  The nonprofit has been instrumental in laying the foundation for hundreds of students in understanding the critical role they as American citizens can play through civic engagement.  We provide a unique cultural and historical perspective leading to youth empowerment/advocacy which results in transformative democratic experience that results in voting.

With the ongoing Covid challenge, we will add an online monthly training program to continue to engage with students and plan for projects they develop and execute in teams in their community.

Our Mission:

  • To educate, empower and motivate the next generation of servant leaders.
  • Provide youth with authentic and transformative democratic experiences.
  • Provide youth with skills and knowledge to be effective citizens.

Investing in Dickerson Center not only makes a real impact on youth now, but also seeds a generation of thoughtful, engaged, ethical citizens and community leaders for the future in Southwest Dallas County and beyond.

To help us achieve our mission through our $10.000 fundraising goal, you can donate by visiting our SUPPORT page  or visit this link Overview | Dickerson Center for Civic Responsibility, Inc. | NTX Giving Day (northtexasgivingday.org)               


Dickerson Center for Civic Responsibility (DCCR) is an educational nonprofit focused on bringing the power of service-learning to youth in low-income Dallas County communities. DCCR ignites the service mindset with unique learning experiences that empower students to own their futures and contribute positively to their community.

Join County Judge Clay Jenkins, Council Member Casey Thomas and four nonprofit CEOs for the discussion.