Youth Ambassadors@African American Museum

We are excited to launch our Youth Ambassador Program at the African American Museum Monticello Exhibition.

Dickerson Civic Center Youth Ambassador Service Learning at African American Museum Dallas 2

“I am excited about launching the Youth Ambassador Program”, said Dickerson Center President/CEO, Linda Lamar. “This is a unique service opportunity to engage middle and high school students as docents at the African American Museum for the Monticello exhibition.” Ten students spent five hours in training, learning about slavery in American History and the value of volunteering on Saturday, September 15. Each student will serve 42 hours between September and December 2018 and will earn a service certificate after completion of volunteer service.

Dickerson Civic Center Youth Ambassador Service Learning at African American Museum Dallas 1

#GivingTuesday, November 27, 2018

Keep middle and high school students engaged in serving.

Wondering how you can get involved? Click our donate page to support out mission and programming and support our efforts in engaging students in serving their community.

Dickerson Civic Center Youth Ambassador Service Learning at African American Museum Dallas 3

A Year of Service Learning 2018

Involving Kids

Childrens’ volunteering benefits everyone! Through volunteering, youth learn to …

  • respect others
  • be helpful and kind
  • understand people who are different from themselves
  • develop leadership skills
  • become more patient
  • gain a better understanding of good citizenship

Volunteering at an early age can create positive life behaviors. Children who volunteer are three times more likely to volunteer as adults. Steady volunteering, even at a minimum of one hour a week, reduces negative behaviors. For example, youth who volunteer are 50% less like likely to abuse drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or engage in destructive behavior. It’s never too early to start to volunteer! Children have many opportunities to help their communities.

Service Learning Using Raised Garden Bed

Contact us to learn how your child can become involved in service learning opportunities.

A Season of Giving Back Winter 2017

Hurricane Harney Walking Through Water

Happy Holidays from all of us at Dickerson Civic Center!

It is true that there is joy in giving back to others. We are happy to report another success!

With the support of a private donor, we were able to purchase and distribute twenty additional $50 Walmart gift cards to Hurricane Harvey evacuees who are having to resettle in Dallas after their former lives were upended by the devastating flood in Houston. A donation of clothing and toiletries was also given.

Working with our phenomenal partners at Catholic Charities of Dallas and with the support of their CEO, and John Machado, Director of Disaster Relief Services, twenty families were identified and received this much needed assistance.

We are able to help others because of you! Thank you!

May the blessing of Christmas be yours! Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year! May the new year be full of joy and gratitude!

We look forward to a successful year of service to our fellow citizens.

Fall Updates – October 2017

The Latest Fall News:

Thank You Donors for Your Support on North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day is an annual event sponsored by Communities Foundation of Texas. Supporters from all over North Texas were encouraged to take this day to donate to their favorite charities, and these donations can help raise funds to meet various community needs.

Thanks to all who donated! Your generous donations will be used to expand service-learning projects across southern Dallas County.

NTX Giving Day Dickerson Civic Center

Back to School!

School is well underway and Dickerson Civic Center is excited about all the projects we are planning, including a follow-up emergency gift-card giveaway to Hurricane Harvey evacuees.
Follow us here on the website, our newsletter, and on Facebook, to learn about all the upcoming news and events in the communities we serve, such as our volunteer day at the Paul Quinn College urban farm.

Helping Hurricane Harvey Evacuees! Campaign Success!

A huge THANKS to all who contributed to our Helping Hurricane Harvey Evacuees campaign! We raised $1500 and were able to donate thirty $50 dollar VISA gift cards to families in need!

Read More HERE

Urban Gardening

Dickerson Civic Center at Paul Quinn College We Over Me Urban Farm

Dickerson Civic Center at Paul Quinn College We Over Me Urban Farm

The perfect Autumn weather in Dallas was the ideal background for our Dickerson Civic Center outing to Paul Quinn College and their amazing “We over Me” organic, urban farm in the heart of southern Dallas!

Dickerson Civic Center founder Linda Lamar was able to volunteer alongside service-learning students from The Hockaday School, Southern Methodist University and others who showed up to participate on Second Saturday Volunteer Day (held every month).

October is planting and pruning time at the garden, pulling up the early season vegetation that has already produced and training the current crops like okra.

After meeting The Hockaday School service-learning coordinator, Laura Day, and their ten or more girls, Lamar was also able to meet with Paul Quinn volunteer-coordinator and Lead Farmer, Darcia Houston, about innovative ways Dickerson Civic Center and Paul Quinn College might collaborate.

Helping Our Community – Hurricane Harvey Support SUCCESS

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

What happens after individuals have sheltered from the hurricane in another city and are now ready to return home to assess damages for the first time since evacuation? Early shelter, food, clothing and other necessities may have been met by various agencies and evacuees no doubt expected this would eventually come to an end. Being out of work for a couple of weeks means a dwindling bank account and when the bank account is checked, there is not enough money in the account to purchase a tank of gas to return home. Gas prices temporarily skyrocketed since Hurricane Harvey, so where does one turn for money for even a tank of gas? That’s where Dickerson Center for Civic Responsibility comes in. Donors were asked to support the purchase of VISA cards for as many individuals as possible to meet whatever necessities evacuees may have whether gasoline, food, diapers or other immediate needs.

“We recognize that it’s going to take a lot more than $50 to impact evacuees’ recovery,” said Linda Lamar, Dickerson Center CEO, “but $50 is a start.”

Dickerson Center reached out to the principal and counselor of an elementary school (Ruby Young, DeSoto) and requested students write notes to Hurricane Harvey evacuees sheltering in Dallas. A note from a student was enclosed with the gift card with hopes of encouraging the recipients’ hearts. Thirty (30) gift cards were donated to evacuees at the Kay Bailey Hutchison shelter in Dallas.

The focus of Dickerson Center’s mission is to inspire a service spirit in young people. We believe these students benefit from their act of service. We can all make a difference.

Congratulations Jala! Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Jala Hall, Dickerson Center for Civic Responsibility scholarship recipient of our 2016 award, created in memory of Reverend Horace and Amy Dickerson.

The scholarship was established to recognize a college bound student who exhibits a “Spirit of Service to Community”.

Ms. Hall is currently enrolled at McNeese State University, majoring in criminal justice.

Jala Hall Scholarship Recipient

What is Service Learning?

Dickerson Civic Center is an organization whose mission is to promote “service learning”, which we believe is a building block of a healthy, vibrant community and caring society.

But what is “service learning” exactly?

Service-learning is a method by which people learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized experience.

The benefits are numerous, as outlined below.

What is Service Learning

The varied programs we develop and take into our community are centered around this mission and purpose – to teach students to become involved in their communities in meaningful and productive, needs-based activities.

You can read more about our service-learning programming and initiatives here.

Preserving Our Future

Effective democracy requires a healthy balance between civic rights and obligations. There has been a noticeable decline in recent years of youth participation in service to the community or nation. DCCR provides youth an opportunity to understand that citizenship requires balance between giving and receiving. Young people are given the opportunity to experience service in a carefully controlled and meaningful environment alongside community partners. Young people are empowered to become contributors in improving their community and nation. Significant learning takes place as students use critical thinking to analyze and solve problems, participate in community service opportunities and reflect on their experiences that connect them to their academic subject areas.

We value our children and their futures; therefore, the community has stepped in to fill the gap where schools and families are failing. Dickerson Center for Civic Responsibility recognizes the huge racial academic achievement gap and is committed to improving educational outcomes for many marginalized and underprivileged students within the community.

Dickerson Center for Civic Responsibility honors the memory of Reverend and Mrs. Horace Livingston Dickerson, Sr. (Gloster, LA) who placed enormous value on education and the blessing of freedom.

It’s easy to make a buck; it’s tougher to make a difference.
~ Tom Brokow

Testimonials About DCCR

When I heard about the creative writing camp, I was extremely excited. I love thinking creatively, and telling great stories. However, I don’t have the discipline to do these things regularly or finish what I start, for that matter.
The first writing exercise was mind stretching as if was the first day of a fitness work-out. Much like anyone else being pounded into shape, I wanted to push back. My first thoughts were, “I can’t think of anything to write…” or “A purple what?”, were my first reactions. But soon, I began to open my mind.
By the end of the week, there was a noticeable difference in my ability to present as well as my capacity to think creatively. I even felt confident speaking in front of the group, and we all know how daunting speaking in front of our peers can be. I thought I might be a developing writer.
Thank you for such a thought stretching workshop. It was awesome! -Kristy

Without your help, I would have not been able to complete the various admissions applications for college. Now, I am a graduate of UTAustin. -Briana