Helping Our Community – Hurricane Harvey Support SUCCESS

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

What happens after individuals have sheltered from the hurricane in another city and are now ready to return home to assess damages for the first time since evacuation? Early shelter, food, clothing and other necessities may have been met by various agencies and evacuees no doubt expected this would eventually come to an end. Being out of work for a couple of weeks means a dwindling bank account and when the bank account is checked, there is not enough money in the account to purchase a tank of gas to return home. Gas prices temporarily skyrocketed since Hurricane Harvey, so where does one turn for money for even a tank of gas? That’s where Dickerson Center for Civic Responsibility comes in. Donors were asked to support the purchase of VISA cards for as many individuals as possible to meet whatever necessities evacuees may have whether gasoline, food, diapers or other immediate needs.

“We recognize that it’s going to take a lot more than $50 to impact evacuees’ recovery,” said Linda Lamar, Dickerson Center CEO, “but $50 is a start.”

Dickerson Center reached out to the principal and counselor of an elementary school (Ruby Young, DeSoto) and requested students write notes to Hurricane Harvey evacuees sheltering in Dallas. A note from a student was enclosed with the gift card with hopes of encouraging the recipients’ hearts. Thirty (30) gift cards were donated to evacuees at the Kay Bailey Hutchison shelter in Dallas.

The focus of Dickerson Center’s mission is to inspire a service spirit in young people. We believe these students benefit from their act of service. We can all make a difference.