Are you ready for back to school?

10 Tips for a Successful 2014-2015 School Year

1. Schedule a check-up with the doctor – Make sure all immunizations and physicals are up to date.

2. Buy “Back to School” Supplies – Be sure to check the school for supply list per grade level and watch for sales.

3. Transportation Schedule- Make sure you and your student are aware of the designated procedures, times and locations for “pick-up” and “drop off” spots for school.

4. Visit the school- Attend all registration dates, “Meet the Teacher” activities and all other events offered by the school to acclimate students and parents to the campus.

5. School Schedule – Your student should have a designated place and time to complete homework and chores. Also, be sure to have an appointed bedtime.

6. Preparation is the Key – Get clothes and backpacks ready the night before don’t forget to pack the lunches and sign any forms the students may need to turn in to the school.

7. Parent Involvement – Be an involved parent. Solicit ideas from the faculty and staff member to see how to volunteer at your child’s school.

8. Monitor Progress Reports – Communicate with teachers on a regular basis to ensure the success of your student.

9. Encourage Your Child – Talk to your child about the importance of education, ask about what they are learning in school and listen to the responses given.

10. READ – Read or have your student read to you daily. This promotes fluency and vocabulary; it’s also a great way to bond with your child.

~ Mrs. Lisa Spears, Counselor-Dallas ISD Director, Board of Directors, DCCR

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